Who We Are
Who We Are

The Real Estate General Authority (REGA) was created in 2017 with the aim of regulating, overseeing, and promoting non-governmental real estate activities. Its main goal is to attract investments to the real estate sector while aligning with the comprehensive strategy of the sector.


The Authority aims to fulfill the real estate sector's strategy by achieving the following objectives:

Organize the Non-Governmental Real Estate Sector

The Authority is responsible for creating and enforcing rules and regulations for non-governmental real estate activities. This includes granting licenses and permits to individuals and organizations involved in the real estate sector.

Supervise the Sector

The Authority oversees and assesses non-governmental real estate activities to ensure they adhere to regulations and standards. Additionally, it monitors and evaluates the compliance and performance of individuals and organizations involved in real estate activities.

Empower and Develop the Sector

The Authority focuses on enhancing the skills and capabilities of individuals in the real estate sector. It also aims to improve the efficiency of services provided to the sector, establish procedures to ensure the sustainability of real estate assets, and provide data and statistics to support decision-making and promote transparency.

Encourage Investments

The Authority aims to strengthen the investment ecosystem in the real estate sector by creating more opportunities and streamlining procedures for investors. This is achieved by offering accurate and transparent data on the Saudi Real Estate Indicators and fostering a competitive environment within the sector.