Terms, Conditions, and Usage Policy
Usage Policy
Usage Restrictions
  • The user account should be used only by the account owner.
  • Your use of the Site is governed by the Authority’s rules and regulations, and other rules and regulations enforced in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The user’s identity and password should remain confidential, and the user is fully responsible for any consequences resulting from the disclosure of this data to any other party.  
  • The user should directly inform the Authority in the matter that the password has been disclosed to other parties or if there has been a security breach or unusual activity in the account.
By using the Real Estate General Authority’s portal, you agree to abstain from the following:
  • Upload or download files containing software, material, data, or other information not owned by you or licensed to you.   
  • Upload or download files onto this portal that contain viruses, corrupt data, or unsolicited software, or conduct any action that may affect the safety, reliability, or continued availability of the information on the portal.  
  • Publish, post, distribute, or circulate material and information that are defamatory, unlawful, infringing, obscene, or violate Islamic teachings or public morals, or any illegal material or information through the Authority’s portal. 
  • Advertise – on the Authority’s portal – any product or service that would cause the Authority to violate any system applied in any field. 
  • Use any device, program, or procedure to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functions of the Authority’s portal. 
  • Take any action that inflicts an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the Authority’s portal. 
  • Everything that is considered a violation of the Anti-Cyber Crime System or any other relevant system in the Kingdom. 
Privacy Policy:

The Privacy Policy hereunder is part of the Terms of Use of the Real Estate General Authority’s electronic portal. The Authority may collect personal data when users visit the electronic portal. The Terms of Use are effective when using the portal and other affiliated platforms. The Authority holds the right to amend/update the Privacy Policy when needed and be implemented effective immediately without the obligation to announce the amendments and updates.    

The Authority collects and processes the following personal data:
  • Name
  • Contact Information (phone number and email) 
  • Technical Data (IP address, cookies, and other technical data related to a specific service or system) 
Use of Personal Data:

When cookies are used on the Site, small files on your device or other devices known as “cookies” are saved. Internal statistics, regarding your visit to the Site based on your device’s IP address, are collected. This data helps improve your experience when navigating the Site.  

Sharing Personal Data:

Personal data is shared after the approval of the data owner and for legitimate, security, and judicial purposes, or to implement another system. The Authority makes every effort to protect the information provided by the user based on best practices. The Authority works to encrypt information and sensitive data that should be kept confidential following regulatory requirements that comply with the Kingdom’s current regulations. 

The collection of Personal Data benefits many purposes, which include:
  • Empower and develop the Authority’s services and fulfill its requirements. 
  • Respond to beneficiaries’ questions on the Authority’s services, in addition to developing and improving the user experience and maintaining continuity in providing quality services.  
The fundamental system to collect and process Personal Data follows the Personal Data Protection Policy issued by the National Data Management Office. The fundamental system the Authority complies with to process this data is:
  • Your explicit or implicit approval. You can withdraw your approval anytime except in the abovementioned exceptions. To withdraw your approval, you can contact the Authority via the email listed in the contact information. 
  • Achieving public interest: Through facilitating and improving procedures.
  • Your Personal Data is safely stored at the Real Estate General Authority or through secure solutions in cloud computing services; following the National Cybersecurity Authority’s regulations.  
The user’s rights to Personal Data processing:
  • The right to access your Personal Data: By requesting a copy of your Personal Data via the email address listed in the contact information. 
  • The right to correct your Personal Data: By requesting the correction of your Personal Data whether it is inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete via the email address listed in the contact information. Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted and notified via your contact information. 
  • The right to destroy your Personal Data: By requesting to erase your Personal Data in certain circumstances that do not clash with fundamental systems or legitimate interests. 
  • The right to restrict the processing: By requesting to restrict the processing of your Personal Data in certain circumstances and for a specific period. 
  • The right to object to the processing: By objecting to the processing of your Personal Data.